Phase 3: Learning what “Production” means in the Corporate Video Production Process

April 7, 2023 Eugene Kolkey

Corporate video production is a complex and multi-step process that involves several distinct phases, each with its own set of challenges and opportunities. One of the most critical phases is the production phase, which involves capturing high-quality footage that meets the overall vision for the project. In this post, we’ll explore the key elements of the production phase of corporate video production and provide insights on how to master this crucial step.


The preparation phase is all about planning and organizing the shoot. This involves reviewing the project details and concept, scheduling the shoot, location scouting, casting talent, assembling the crew, and ensuring that all necessary equipment is in place. Effective preparation helps to ensure that the shoot runs smoothly and that the final product meets stakeholder expectations.


The filming phase involves capturing footage on location and/or in the studio. During this phase, the production team must work closely with the director to achieve the desired vision and manage logistics such as lighting, sound, and camera movements. It’s essential to ensure the quality of the footage and overcome any production challenges that may arise, such as weather or scheduling conflicts.

Directing Talent

Directing talent is a critical component of the production phase. The production team must work with actors or presenters to create a natural performance and maintain the desired tone and style. This involves coaching on-screen talent, setting up shots and camera angles, providing clear direction and feedback, and ensuring that the performance is consistent with the overall vision for the project.

Managing Production

Managing the production is crucial to the success of the shoot. This involves managing the production schedule, ensuring that all necessary footage is captured, reviewing the footage for quality and consistency, managing costs, and providing feedback and direction to the production team.


In conclusion, the production phase is a critical component of the corporate video production process. Effective planning, directing talent, managing production, and capturing high-quality footage are all essential elements of a successful shoot. By mastering the production phase, production teams can ensure that the final product meets the client’s expectations and delivers an impactful message to the target audience.

Eugene Kolkey

Eugene Kolkey is a digital media managing director and founder of DreamStone Video LLC, a Los Angeles-based content creation company. With a Cinema and Television Arts degree, he delivers premium digital media services to a diverse clientele, emphasizing customer satisfaction, communication, and collaboration. His specialties include brand strategy, lead generation, customer testimonials, and internal communication. With over 15 years of experience in digital media management and an MBA from USC Marshall, Eugene & Team produce compelling videos that improve brand awareness and generate positive ROI of up to 600%.