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Conference videography captures pivotal moments and key insights, allowing businesses to extend the reach and impact of their events. By preserving presentations and discussions, organizations can leverage this content for future training, marketing, and stakeholder engagement, maximizing their event’s value.
Please take a look at some of our conference video samples below.

Why Choose DreamStone Video LLC For Your Conference Video Production Needs?

DreamStone Video LLC specializes in creating conference videos for businesses and organizations. We have over 15 years of experience in video production operating in the Los Angelas and Orange County area.  

Conference videos can run anywhere from 2-4 minutes for short-form recaps, up to 4+ hours for a long-form edit. All unedited raw footage from the conference is also included at no additional cost. Depending on the goals of the project, these can be used to build brand recognition, promote future events, or for archival purposes. 

We work closely with our clients during each step of the process, from initial vision to final cut, with the project goals in mind. Our videography pricing structure is below. We value being clear and transparent, with no hidden fees and no additional sales tax. 

We just wanted to tell you again what a great job you did on the conference video at the Convention Center last week. You really came through!

– Matthew Hallock – President, The Voice Inc


Conference Video Categories

  • Conference Coverage Videos
    Capture key moments, amplify engagement, extend reach
  • Keynote Speeches Videos
    Capture and immortalize pivotal insights, educate, and Inspire
  • Panel Discussion Videos
    Capture expert perspectives, foster deeper understanding
  • Breakout Session Videos
    Disseminate discussion of specialized topics, reach & educate
  • Highlight Videos
    Share key moments, generate excitement, motivate & promote
  • Interview Testimonial Videos
    Lend authenticity, offer viewers perspectives and testimonials
  • Sponsor Videos
    Enhance brand visibility and foster collaborative relationships
  • Live-Streaming Videos
    Connect audiences, enable participation, expand event reach
  • Other Conference Videos
    Extend event impact, foster community, share and inspire

Conference Video Production

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Category: Video Production

At DreamStone Video, our videographers bring a wealth of expertise, experience, and creative talent, ensuring every shot is perfectly crafted and every story is told with artful precision.  Our team of professional videographers brings your vision to life with clarity and impact. Your message merits nothing less than excellence. And that’s our promise to deliver.

Category: Video Production

We use High-Quality Full-Frame 4K & HD Digital Cinema Cameras that offer unparalleled image clarity, capturing richer details and a wider dynamic range. These larger sensors allow for greater depth of field control, elevating the cinematic look. Additionally, they perform exceptionally well in low-light conditions, ensuring crisp imagery even in challenging environments. Investing in such advanced equipment guarantees superior visual storytelling through broadcast quality, professional 4K video.

Category: Video Production

Our team of videographers utilize high-quality Canon L-Series lenses, which are renowned for their superior optical performance and robust build. In video production, these lenses provide several advantages: They deliver sharp, crystal-clear images with minimal distortion, ensuring every frame is of optimal quality. Their wide aperture capabilities allow for better low-light shooting and a shallow depth of field, creating a cinematic, blurred-background effect. Furthermore, L-Series lenses are built with durable materials, making them resilient to adverse conditions, ensuring reliability during shoots. In essence, these lenses enhance the overall visual aesthetics and technical quality of video productions.

Category: Video Production

Our Zoom Portable Digital Audio Recorders ensure crisp and clear sound quality, enhancing the overall production. Their compact design offers flexibility in diverse settings while allowing greater control during the editing process. The ability to record multiple channels simultaneously provides versatility on set and consistently reliable performance, making the edited video more immersive for audiences.

Category: Video Production

Our professional wireless microphones offer unparalleled audio clarity and freedom of movement during video production. They eliminate on-set limitations, allowing for more dynamic shooting. Their advanced technology ensures minimal interference and consistent audio, capturing voices and sounds with precision. Thus, they enhance production value by ensuring clear, uninterrupted audio performance ensuring a professional and polished end product.

Category: Video Production

We utilize professional ambient microphones, including cardioid and shotgun mics, during video production, providing depth and authenticity to the audio landscape. These mics help create a more immersive experience for viewers, grounding visuals in a tangible auditory environment. By picking up the subtle nuances and background noises, ambient microphones enrich the overall production, making scenes more lifelike and engaging.

Category: Video Production

Our professional fluid head tripods and monopods allow our videographers enhanced stability and smooth motion control during production. The fluid head ensures seamless and smooth pans and tilts, adding a professional polish to shots. While tripods provide a steadfast base for static scenes, monopods grant mobility and quick adjustments, making them ideal for dynamic shoots. Together, they elevate video quality by preventing shaky footage and allowing precise, fluid camera movements, translating to a professional and polished final video.

Category: Video Production

Our steadicam devices and camera sliders are pivotal in achieving dynamic, smooth, and cinematic shots during video production. Steadicam devices stabilize handheld camera movements, allowing for fluid walking or running shots without any camera shake. Camera sliders, on the other hand, provide controlled linear movements, adding depth and dynamism to scenes. Both tools greatly enhance production value, turning simple shots into visually captivating sequences and ensuring the viewer remains immersed in the story.

Category: Video Production

Professional 3-point LED Panel Lighting is essential for achieving balanced and well-lit scenes in video production. This setup consists of a key light, fill light, and back light, ensuring the subject is evenly illuminated, minimizing harsh shadows. LED panels offer consistent, adjustable brightness and color temperature control, allowing for precise lighting control. Using such a lighting system not only elevates visual quality but also adds depth and dimension to the footage, making the video content more professional and visually appealing.

Category: Video Production

We always offer transparent pricing, ensuring that our clients understand the total cost upfront, eliminating any hidden fees or surprise charges.  As a service-based business, we also don’t charge sales tax, which means a direct reduction in the total cost of production, offering our clients immediate savings. Contact us today for a detailed estimate for your video project!

Video Editing

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Category: Video Editing

At DreamStone Video, our video editor’s expertise and experience ensures technical precision, while their talent and creativity infuse the content with innovative angles and artistic flair. Our editors don’t just assemble clips, but craft a story that resonates, ensuring the final product stands out and effectively engages its audience, transcending ordinary editing to deliver a captivating visual experience.

Category: Video Editing

Customized digital video editing is available on all our video editing packages and tailors content specifically to a project’s unique needs and target audience preferences. It ensures that the narrative, pacing, and visuals align perfectly with the intended message and branding. By personalizing the editing process, videos become more impactful, resonating deeply with viewers and leaving a lasting impression, while also distinguishing the content from generic, one-size-fits-all editing styles.

Category: Video Editing

During the video editing process, color correction is pivotal for ensuring visual consistency and enhancing the overall mood of the footage. It harmonizes different shots within a video sequence, making sequences feel more cohesive and professional. By adjusting tones and colors, our editors can evoke specific emotions, highlight crucial elements, and create a visually captivating story. Ultimately, color correction elevates the video’s aesthetic appeal and emotional impact, making it resonate more effectively with viewers.

Category: Video Editing

Sound sweetening, during the video editing process, is crucial for refining and enhancing the auditory experience of the video. It involves fine-tuning audio elements to ensure clarity, balance, and atmospheric alignment. By removing unwanted noise, enhancing dialogue, or emphasizing specific sound effects, our editors can create a richer, more immersive soundscape. Sound sweetening not only ensures that the audio complements the visuals, but also deepens the emotional resonance and professionalism of the final video, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

Category: Video Editing

Integrating graphics & titles within a video project enriches the visual storytelling, offering clarity and context. Graphics, such as logos, PowerPoint slides, and animations, can visually represent complex ideas, making content more digestible and engaging, while titles guide the viewer, emphasizing key points or introducing new sections. Together, they enhance the professionalism of the video, provide better viewer comprehension, and elevate the overall aesthetic appeal, making the content both informative and visually captivating.

Category: Video Editing

Integrating motion animation adds a dynamic layer to storytelling, making content more engaging and visually appealing. It allows for the visualization of abstract concepts, brings static graphics to life, and adds a playful or sophisticated flair, depending on the desired tone. By enhancing transitions or emphasizing key points with animation, editors can create a more immersive viewer experience, ensuring messages are both captivating and memorable.

Category: Video Editing

B-Roll & Image Overlay Integration enriches the visual narrative and enhances storytelling depth. B-Roll footage provides context, showcases details, and breaks the monotony of static shots, making content more engaging. Image overlays emphasize key points, provide visual references, and add layers of depth to the video. Together, they add engagement and texture to the content, creating a multidimensional viewing experience that holds the audience’s attention and amplifies the core message.

Category: Video Editing

Voiceover integration provides a clear narrative thread, guiding viewers through the content. It offers context, enhances storytelling, and can convey complex information in an easily digestible manner. With a well-executed voiceover, videos can evoke stronger emotions and ensure messages resonate more deeply, creating a seamless connection between visuals and auditory content, and enhancing overall viewer engagement and comprehension. Whether you supply the voiceover, ask us to record it, or seek recommendations from our extensive network of professional voiceover artists, we’re here to ensure your project achieves its optimal impact.

Category: Video Editing

DreamStone Video editors work with an extensive library of royalty-free music allowing for a cost-effective way to elevate the content’s emotional and aesthetic appeal. It enhances the mood, pacing, and overall ambiance of the video without incurring recurring licensing fees. Utilizing royalty-free tracks ensures that the video remains compliant with copyright laws, avoiding potential legal complications, while still providing a rich auditory experience that resonates with viewers.

Category: Video Editing

DreamStone Video editors have the ability to output any video project in a wide variety of formats and file sizes depending on the client’s needs. This ensures that the final video is compatible across multiple platforms and devices, reaching a broader audience. Whether optimizing for web streaming, mobile viewing, or large-screen displays, this service facilitates seamless sharing and distribution. Moreover, it saves clients time and resources, eliminating the need for additional conversions or adaptations in the future. Most video files can be securely shared and/or streamed online and are available for immediate download once the video file has been uploaded.

Other Video Services

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We offer high-end live streaming services, which is the real-time broadcasting of video and audio content online, allowing viewers to watch events or programs as they happen. Live streaming fosters instant connectivity and engagement, bridging the gap between organizations and their audiences. In an increasingly digital age, it provides a unique avenue for building community, expanding reach, and promoting transparency and real-time communication. We offer several live streaming packages, from static single-camera live streaming to dynamic multi-camera live streaming with multi-source switching capability.  Furthermore, we have the ability to live stream to multiple social media and web-based platforms depending on your needs.

We offer a variety of same-day edit packages, this type of video edit refers to the rapid processing and editing of footage to produce a video on the same day it was shot. Clients might desire this service for several reasons: to showcase highlights of an event as it unfolds, to provide a recap at the end of a conference or special event, or to meet tight deadlines for timely content, such as event promotions. The immediate turnaround of same-day edits delivers fresh, relevant content that captures the essence and excitement of the moment, making it particularly impactful and engaging for audiences. Our team is standing by to deliver the content you need when you need it.

A studio rental offers a controlled, professional environment equipped with the necessary tools and settings for various types of video production. Clients might seek a studio rental for its high-quality lighting equipment, soundproofing, backdrops, and other specialized amenities. Renting a studio offers a dedicated and professional setting for filming, ensuring the desired aesthetics for your video, and allowing for a polished final product. We work with a variety of professional studios in the Los Angeles and Orange County area, including studios with green-screen and various backdrop capabilities. If you need a dedicated filming location, a studio rental provides the necessary infrastructure to help bring your vision to life.

We offer a variety of types of rush edits, which refer to the expedited process of editing video content to meet a tight deadline. Instead of the typical turnaround time, our editors prioritize the project to deliver it within the client’s required timeframe. Clients might request a rush edit for various reasons, such as addressing immediate company needs or capitalizing on trending topics. Opting for a rush edit ensures timely content delivery, enabling the client to stay relevant, respond swiftly to market dynamics, or fulfill urgent commitments.

We can provide portable 5ft x 7ft green screens that can be set up at your location or we can recommend a professional green screen studio if you require something larger.  A green screen is a green backdrop; when combined with digital editing techniques, anything behind the subject on the green screen can be replaced with different visuals or backgrounds. Clients might opt for a green screen to create various settings without physically being there or to superimpose graphics, animations, or other backgrounds. Utilizing a green screen offers flexibility and creative possibilities, allowing for diverse visual narratives without the constraints or costs of actual locations or sets. No matter your green screen needs, we have options available for you!

We work with an array of professional talented voiceover artists. A voiceover is a narration or spoken commentary that accompanies a video, where the speaker is not seen on screen. It provides clarity, context, or additional information to the visual content. Clients might opt for a voiceover to guide viewers through a story, explain complex concepts, or add emotional depth to their video. Integrating a voiceover ensures that the intended message is clearly conveyed, making the content more engaging and comprehensible to the audience. Whether you provide the voiceover, have us record it, or need suggestions from our wide roster of expert voiceover talent, voiceover can maximize the impact of your project.

Our professional photography services are sought after by clients because they ensure high-quality, striking images that effectively convey a message, tell a story, or capture a memory. Our expert photographers possess the skills, experience, and equipment to capture moments with precision, ensuring optimal lighting, composition, and focus. By opting for professional photography services, clients can elevate their brand, create lasting memories, and ensure that their visuals stand out, be it for marketing, events, or special occasions. In essence, professional photography transforms moments into impactful visuals. All our photography packages include simple photo editing with more advanced photo editing available upon request.

We can provide different types of teleprompters, from independent technician-run large units to videographer-run smaller units. A teleprompter is a device that displays scripted text on a screen, allowing speakers to read their lines while maintaining direct eye contact with the camera lens. Clients may desire a teleprompter for their video projects to ensure a smooth delivery of lines, especially for longer scripts or important presentations. It helps speakers stay on message, reduces the need for memorization, and ensures a professional, confident delivery without the appearance of reading from notes or cue cards. Whatever your teleprompter requirements, we have you covered with unmatched expertise!

We can capture your professional headshots at your location or at a professional studio either as part of a larger video shoot or independently. Professional headshots are expertly crafted photographs that focus on capturing an individual’s facial features, and is usually set against a neutral background. We meticulously light these photos and compose them to highlight the subject’s best attributes. Clients often desire professional headshots because they convey a sense of professionalism and commitment. Whether for LinkedIn profiles, social media, or a company website, a crisp, professional headshot serves as a digital first impression, establishing credibility and enhancing personal or an organization’s branding in a professional setting.

Our video team includes certified professional drone operators available to capture aerial video or photos on location. Drone footage is captured using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) equipped with high-resolution cameras, allowing for sweeping aerial shots and unique perspectives. Drone footage offers breathtaking views that ground-based cameras can’t achieve. Such footage adds a cinematic quality, capturing expansive landscapes, dramatic height perspectives, and dynamic motion sequences. Integrating drone footage elevates a video’s production value, making it more engaging and visually impressive to viewers.

Customizable Video Packages

Since each video project is unique, we offer fully customizable video packages based on your needs and budget. Video packages are available with or without editing. Full video packages including filming and editing start at just $1495.

Half Day
Full Day
Basic 3-Point Lighting & Audio Included In All Packages
Optional Dedicated Lighting & Audio Technicians Available
1 Videographer
2 Videographer
3+ Videographers
Optional Editing Available On All Packages

With DreamStone Video LLC, one videographer can take the place of a 4-man video crew.

Services also include:

Project Manager

Dedicated Editor

Pre-Production and Planning

Our videographers are versatile professionals, skilled in directing, filming, and managing both lighting and sound during production. Dedicated lighting and audio technicians are available to assist the video team upon request but are often unnecessary, helping to keep costs low.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Category: About Us

We pride ourselves on offering competitive pricing at a fantastic value. The cost of video production varies, however, based on several factors related to the complexity of the project. Some of these factors include the number of hours of video coverage you need, the number of videographers required, and the type of editing you’d like. Full video packages, including filming and editing, start at just $1495. Please contact us for a detailed estimate for your unique project.

Category: About Us

Our highly experienced video editors can provide tight turnaround times on video edits depending on how quickly you need your project completed. Generally, we’re able to turn around video edits in around two weeks or less, depending on the complexity of the project. We also provide up to three rounds of revisions at no additional charge.  Feel free to chat with us about your project, and we can give you a more precise timeline!

Category: About Us

We carry comprehensive liability insurance designed specifically for video production companies. This covers potential accidents or damages during filming, ensuring that our team and our clients are protected. We carry up to 4 million dollars of general aggregate insurance. If you need specifics about our coverage limits or a customized COI for your records or venue, please don’t hesitate to ask. We’re committed to ensuring peace of mind for all parties involved during production.

Category: About Us

We’ve filmed at hundreds of locations, from corporate offices to yacht decks. Usually, our clients specify the location where they want to do the filming, which may include their event venue, office location, or another location of their choice.  We also have relationships with several studios in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas where green screen and indoor studio space is available for rent. Have a dream location in mind? Let’s chat and make it happen!

Category: About Us

Absolutely! While our roots are in Southern California, our commitment to delivering the best in video production for our clients often takes us beyond its borders. Whether your project is in a bustling metropolis on the East Coast or a tranquil setting in the Pacific Northwest, we’re fully equipped and willing to travel. Please let us know your requirements, and we’ll discuss logistics and any associated travel expenses. Your vision is our mission, wherever that may be.

Category: About Us

While most of our clients provide the script they’d like us to bring to life, we do work closely with our clients to fine-tune their scripts and shot lists. Additionally, since crafting a compelling narrative is key to any successful video. Our team also includes talented scriptwriters who can help transform your ideas into engaging scripts. Whether you have a rough concept or a detailed vision, we’ll work with you closely to ensure the story aligns with your goals and connects with your audience. Storytelling is at the heart of what we do, and we’re here to make sure your message shines through.  Reach out to us with your vision and let us help you bring it to life!

Category: About Us

What truly sets us apart in the realm of video production is our unmatched blend of expertise and dedication. At our core is a team of expert videographers, fueled by creativity and armed with some of the latest equipment. Our client-focused approach ensures that every project results in an engaging and compelling video. We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to storytelling, coupled with an adaptability that keeps us at the forefront of the industry. The end result? Consistently high-quality videos that resonate, captivate, and inspire. Contact us today to talk to us about your vision!

Category: About Us

Booking our video services is a seamless process designed with you in mind. To get started, simply fill out our “Get An Estimate Form,” send us an email, or give us a call to tell us about your project. (If you’d prefer, we also offer complementary Zoom meetings with our team to dive deeper into your vision and objectives). We’ll then create a customized estimate; once approved, and any finer details are addressed, we’ll send you a copy of our video agreement form to fill out. To reserve your production date(s), we just need a copy of the completed video agreement form and a 40% deposit. Feel free to reach out to us at any time. We can’t wait to collaborate with you!


Reach out for your
customized quote

DreamStone Video LLC serves the Greater Los Angeles area, including Orange County. Please fill out our “Get An Estimate” form and we’ll get back to shortly!

To reserve your production date(s) we only require a completed copy of our video agreement form (available upon request) as well as a 40% deposit. Please note that we limit our bookings to ensure the greatest possible commitment to each project. We encourage clients to reserve their production dates early.

Customer Feedback

Lynette S.

I worked with DreamStone Video several times and found them to be extremely professional, reliable, and easy to work with. They provided quick responses, fair and accurate quotes, and were always on time with deliverables.

Terry V.

The team at DreamStone includes very talented and accomplished videographers. They did a wonderful job filming our event and managed to effortlessly capture all the critical moments under the most stressful conditions.

Ashley M.

I’ve hired DreamStone Video for multiple large-scale charity events, and I have been absolutely thrilled with their work. DreamStone Video has been a pleasure to work with and has always delivered professional and artistic results.

Jacob P.

My experience with DreamStone Video was great. Their team is very professional and made us feel at ease. They kept us informed on how everything was coming along. When we received the video we were all blown away by how well it had turned out. I highly recommend DreamStone Video!

Tania S.

I appreciate you taking the time to make the changes to the video, and we are so grateful for your services. Thank you for capturing our event in such a great way. I will refer your services to friends and colleagues because you were so professional and on target with everything.

Angela L.

I appreciate the quality workmanship you continually do for our company. Not only are you skilled with editing and capturing the key moments of whatever event you work on, but the ways you go above and beyond are noticed and appreciated.

David G.

I tasked DreamStone Video with putting together a montage video for our company. The project involved getting dozens of hours of raw footage from more than 50 sources in all different formats and transferring, editing, and scoring it all. They couldn’t have been more patient and professional.

Becky M.

The videos were beautifully filmed, well-edited, and completed in a timely manner. You were wonderful to work with and provided us with excellent service from the beginning of the project to the end. I would highly recommend DreamStone Video without any reservations.

Michele G.

DreamStone Video is a gem, an absolute gem. As an event planner, I have worked with them several times a year over the past few years. They are complete professionals and exceed my client’s expectations. On-site, they are professional and unobtrusive, yet they manage to capture all of the perfect moments.

Tracy K.

After searching the internet and interviewing several videographers for our event, I found DreamStone Video. I was impressed that they were equipped with the latest small, unobtrusive, and high-quality HD cameras. When I met with them, I instantly liked their kind and professional demeanor and knew they were the right fit.


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